About Vitalestar

Our Philosophy

Genetically-Modified foods. Preservatives. Additives. Synthetic. These are things we don’t like, and avoid whenever possible. We believe that a healthy diet leads to a healthy body, a healthy mind and a happy life. Therefore, we work to ensure that the products we distribute are composed of 100% natural ingredients.
Products that are 100% natural in composition are not necessarily 100% equal in quality. That is why we do not only focus on the ingredients of the products we distribute, but also on where they are sourced from and the process used in their manufacture. We work with partners globally who have been recognized for adhering to the highest manufacturing practices and standards available.
Whilst focusing on our own health and wellbeing, we feel it’s equally important to focus on that of the planet as well. We distribute products from companies that share this view, and have demonstrated it through their eco-friendly manufacturing, packaging and ethical business practices. Just one example of this is the pot used to package our Vitagel product, which is 100% bio-degradable.

Our Company

Vitalestar is a Panama-based family-run business, specializing in the import and distribution of high-end, 100% natural health products and supplements to the Panamanian market. Bilingual in English and Spanish, we have strong ties to both the European and South American markets.
To improve the long-term health and wellbeing of people living in Panama, one product at a time.
Honesty, Integrity & Respect: Always act in an ethical manner towards our suppliers, partners, colleagues and customers. Excellence: Delight our customers through the high quality of our products and service. Passion: Love what we do, and never stop striving to improve.